Our mission is to provide the vegetable oils and fats market with a high quality technical and commercial consultancy service, tailored to the needs of our clients, and designed to either support them at every stage of the production process or to maximise their production or quality.
Our vision is to gain the trust of our clients so as to form a team with each and every one.
Excellence in service, commitment to the client and in-depth knowledge of the sector are the key values of OFADE Consulting.
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OFADE is a highly specialised consultancy company in the olive oil sector, providing assistance in the business development of companies, support in the growth of the marketing network, and scientific and technical advice for R&D&I projects or intermediation, working to create synergies between business lines in order to achieve the objective set by the client. With more than 19 years of experience in carrying out projects in the olive, olive oil and edible fats sector, OFADE leads projects related to the development of its business, total quality management, the search for global sustainability of the processes, new formulations, etc. We also take part in projects of revaluation of by-products throughout the entire olive oil value chain. OFADE accompanies the actors of the sector at any stage of the process - both primary and industrial - from the moment the produce arrives at the factory to the shelf, relying on innovation and seeking the valuation of the product as a definitive sign of the company’s success in the medium and long term.