Technical and commercial assistance in the olive oil sector

Specialised assistance on virgin olive oils:

Specialised assistance on refined olive oils and other edible oils:

Revaluation of by-products in the agri-food sector

Oil mills
Having been specifically trained as specialists in edible oils, for more than 19 years we have worked in depth in the olive sector all over the world, always in search of the real quality of the product and the profitability of the process. We have collaborated with the most important companies in the sector, in countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Argentina, Turkey, Tunisia, Syria, etc...both in matters related to process design and optimisation of process conditions. Over the years, the knowledge acquired has positioned OFADE as one of the leading consultancies for supporting the production of quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils. The large number of studies in which OFADE has collaborated with the main operators in the industry on, for example, its specialisation in the industrial control of MOSH MOAH, 3-MCPD contaminants, etc., allow us to offer our clients in the olive oil sector the level of knowledge that is currently required to deal with these issues of such current importance.
The refining process of edible oils and fats is a quite complex process, where a number of variables can be controlled that can favor or worsen the quality of the final refined oil.

At OFADE we are specialists in the refining process through total control of the bleaching step with bleaching earths, having participated for many years in the design and launch of the leading bleaching earths in the international sector and therefore Therefore, in the start-up of many of the vegetable oil refining plants in Europe.
The use of vegetable oils and biomass, as well as animal fat or frying oils, in the manufacture of renewable energy is a fact.

We offer help in the biodiesel production process, because, for more than 10 years, the management of OFADE was responsible for the start-up of the main European biodiesel plants through expertise in purifying lands to achieve specific biodiesel requirements. Furthermore, our general vision of the market will help us decide at all times the best conditions to work with or the best additives to use in each part of the process.
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