Integrating agriculture and agribusiness?

Having seen first-hand how the primary sector has been present each and every day of a global pandemic, the importance of this sector has been reinforced. That is why investor funds are increasingly interested in buying land, to the point of paying amounts that would have been impossible to consider years ago. In addition to […]

Training seminars about the Food Chain in San Telmo

On 8th November 2023, the Institute of San Telmo organised a number of seminars in Madrid on “The Food Supply Chain: ready to face the challenges?”, which was attended by Herminia Millán Linares, CEO of Ofade Consulting.  The aim of this seminar was to debate, reflect upon, and draw practical conclusions on the key aspects […]

Prospects for the Olive Oil Sector in 2050 with Herminia Millán of OFADE Consulting

Mercacei Magazine interviewed Herminia Millán, Manager of OFADE Consulting, in celebration of World Olive Tree Day. What does the future of the olive grove and olive oil sector look like in 2050? Millán addresses the complexity of anticipating the direction of the olive grove sector, highlighting the positive impact thanks to the collaborative work among […]


The agricultural sector finds itself amid a growth period and must take advantage of this to adapt to modern times. One of the professionals’ main demands is to achieve economic sustainability and, to do this, the integration of agriculture and agrobusiness is necessary.  After the pandemic brought about a volatile environment for all, the importance […]

Interview with Herminia Millán, Ofade Consulting S.L.

Herminia Millán entrevista

Leaders in the image of Spain or leaders in production? Leaders in profitability or in environmental sustainability? Let us bear in mind that different types of crops are now being grown, with different levels of profitability, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability. We must make all our olive groves viable in all 3 categories: I studied […]


Bowl de Aceite de Oliva

WHAT IS EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL? It is strange that a product as well-known as Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is at the same time such an unknown product to our consumers. There are so many terms for something so simple that we believe it is important to distinguish between them: EXTRA VIRGIN, VIRGIN, OLIVE, […]